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Sentinel Care provides peace-of-mind and assurance that support and guidance is readily available when needed. (Image courtesy of worradmu at

Sentinel Care’s goal is to enable elderly loved ones to continue to live independently for as long and safely as possible. The Sentinel Care team can reduce—and in most cases eliminate—an individual’s reliance on an impersonal, institutional type care and, as a result, decrease his or her exposure to becoming trapped within the “system.”

For the family members and friends of these elderly individuals, Sentinel Care provides much-needed peace-of-mind and assurance that appropriate support and guidance is being provided or is readily available as required. The Sentinel Care teams works with, rather than replaces, loving family members in this effort.

Sentinel Care provides a broad spectrum of services that fall within these areas:

•    Rent-A-Son
•    Case Management
•    Guardianship
•    Estate Settlement
•    Referral Service

(learn more about these services below)

For more information on how Sentinel Care can help you, service/support rates, and to schedule a FREE 1-hour consultation, contact dixon(at)sentinelcare(dot)org or 321-725-6799.

The Right Level of Help You Need – When You Need It

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany of the services provided via Rent-A-Son, Case Management and Guardianship are similar. The primary difference is the authority level that has been pre-approved and granted to Robert Dixon to ensure the health, well-being and independent lifestyle of the elderly individual or ward he and his team are serving.  In addition, in situations where the individual is/becomes incapacitated, Robert (in his role as a Rent-A-Son or Guardian) works to ensure decisions are made that are consistent to the wishes, and in the best interest, of this person.


With Rent-A-Son, the elderly person (not the courts or a family member) grants Robert Dixon legal authority to provide specific services, oversight and decision-making capabilities. It is a gentle way to begin preparing for the inevitable physical and/or mental decline of an aging loved one or our self.

A number of challenging decisions can come with growing older. If a person has not properly prepared for the aging process—for example, has not established Advanced Directives—at some point the State may need to begrudgingly step in to make choices for the person–choices that might not be consistent with the person’s wishes, and typically place the person down the path of impersonal, expensive and institutional type care.

In his Rent-A-Son role, Robert becomes an “extension” of the individual he’s serving.  He is able to use the knowledge the person and family have shared with him, before the individual has become incapacitated, to ensure the person’s wishes are met. Rent-A-Son also provides the individual with the comfort of knowing that he or she won’t have to rely on a court-appointed stranger handling his or her affairs in the event he or she becomes incapacitated and cannot act on his or her own behalf.

It’s a preferred level of service and provides the individual with the best opportunity to live an independent lifestyle as long and safely as possible. In addition, when the time comes, Robert, through his already established legal authority, can step in to make appropriate decisions (based on wishes communicated months or years in advance) on behalf of the person.

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Like all Sentinel Care services, Rent-A-Son features a built-in accountability system based on a professional team approach. (Image courtesy of Ambro at

Robert’s role as a Rent-A-Son also involves a built-in accountability system.  The service is based on a professional team approach that typically includes an attorney, accountant and financial planner to provide insight and guidance as needed.

Benefit of Rent-A-Son
The benefit of Rent-A-Son is that the individual and Robert will have worked together, carefully determining personal wishes while the person is fully capacitated and able to make sound decisions. If the time comes when the individual loses the ability to communicate his or her wishes (for example, immediately after a stroke or more gradually over time as a result of a long illness), Robert has the legal authority to act immediately, as predetermined, to secure and protect the person’s property and act as advocate after a medical crisis.

Typical Services
Robert and the Sentinel Care team can wear many hats, including healthcare surrogate, case manager, financial steward and/or trusted companion. Services are broad ranging and optimized for the specific needs of the individual.

Robert and his team:
•    Work with specialists in healthcare, mental health, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, courts, therapists, attorneys, and others as required to create a detailed plan of action to meet your needs, set goals, and locate necessary resources to meet your goals.
•    Listen to your concerns and help you identify the help you need, and ensure that your interests and wishes are followed as closely as possible.
•    Perform in-depth mental or physical health analysis as needed.
•    Provide home safety checks, maintain consistent contact with you to ensure that your needs are met and provide companionship, conversation and encouragement to participate in social activities.
•    Provide or manage household upkeep activities such as meal preparation, home repair, lawn care, laundry, simple housework and shopping and care for houseplants and pets.
•    Provide medical, mental and personal care services.
•    Determine the place and type of residential setting best suited for you.
•    Conduct furniture staging for safety and security.
•    Monitor medications.
•    Assist with transportation to appointments.
•    Manage your calendar.
•    Provide availability to you 24/7.
•    Maintain your confidentiality, respect your privacy, and preserve your routine and independence as much as possible.

Whatever needs you may have–from medical and personal care-type services to safety checks and cafeteria planning, Sentinel Care can help. Together with friends and family, the Sentinel Care team can provide services as needed.

A great example of how Rent-A-Son works is highlighted in this 9-1-1 situation. After you call 9-1-1, Robert can meet you at the Emergency Room to advocate for the best care and keep family and friends updated. At the same time, he can ensure your home is secure, pets are safe and sound, and bills are paid on time. After your hospital stay, he’ll continue to serve as your advocate as you enter into a rehabilitation program/facility and remain in this function until you return home. Once it’s safe to return home, he’ll work with you to determine what level of support and service will be in your best interest.

Case Management

Case Management is similar to Rent-A-Son in the type of services that can be provided, however, there is a very significant distinction. With Case Management, Robert Dixon and his team can work with the elderly loved one and family with legal authority to assist them in the decision-making process, but unlike Rent-A-Son, Robert does not have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the individual.  Case Management can be an appropriate short-term solution for some individuals. It can create challenges down the road, however, if the person becomes incapacitated and has no Advanced Directives in place. In this situation, Robert, as a Case Manager, would not have the authority to help make appropriate decisions on behalf, and in the best interest, of the person.

Sometimes referred to as care coordination, Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy where the best interests and wishes of the senior are always top priority. Case Management helps achieve client wellness and independence through advocacy, communication, education, identification of services, and assistance acquiring services. Sentinel Care’s Case Managers help identify appropriate providers and facilities, while ensuring available resources are used in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Typical Services
•    Similar to Rent-A-Son (see above).


A Guardianship also is similar to Rent-A-Son, however, instead of the elderly person granting Robert Dixon legal authority to provide specific services, oversight and decision-making capabilities, a court must legally grant this authority to Robert through a long and expensive process.  Guardianship is the legal process that protects and exercises the legal rights of individuals (wards) whose functional limitations prevent them from being able to make their own decisions in the event that there are no Advance Directives in place.

Of note, a Guardianship is permanent and one of the most expensive ways an individual can live out his or her last years of life. It is the solution of last resort. By law, elder service providers must pursue the least restrictive alternative to guardianship

It is always in the individual’s best interest to plan ahead and engage with Sentinel Care early in the aging process, typically with Rent-A-Son services.  In the event this planning or engagement has not occurred, Robert, in a Guardianship role, can ensure appropriate care and decisions are being made on behalf of the person.

Typical Guardian Tasks (in addition to what is provided with Rent-A-Son):
•    File appropriate reports with the court, which help the court monitor the Guardian’s actions and supervise the ward’s affairs.
•    Take inventory of ward’s property, invest it prudently, use it for the ward’s support, and account for it by filing detailed annual reports with the court.
•    Obtain court approval for certain financial transactions to include the selling of all and any property.


Sentinel Care serves as a time-trusted successor trustee/executor. (Image courtesy of vorakorn at

Estate Settlement

Having Sentinel Care manage/settle the estate provides the individual and his or her loved ones with a time-trusted successor trustee/executor. As an Estate Executor, Robert Dixon (along with his team) works to determine what assets were owned by the deceased individual and places a value on them. Guided by state law and any Advance Directives in place, Robert, as an agent of the deceased person, liquidates the assets and passes them onto the heirs, and pays any taxes or debts that may be due.

During the past nearly 10 years that Sentinel Care has provided Estate Settlement services, Robert and his team have been successful at avoiding lengthy drawn out court battles among “loved ones.”

Typical Services for the estate:
•    Locate necessary documents for estate settlement, such as a valid will.
•    File the will in probate court.
•    Inventory the estate’s assets.
•    Collect, preserve, manage and distribute the property.
•    Pay expenses, debts, taxes and other court approved allowances.
•    Keep detailed records of all income and expenses along with corresponding invoices and receipts.
•    File state, federal, and inheritance tax returns.

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Robert Dixon has developed an extensive network of fair, reliable and trustworthy professionals he can call upon as needed. (Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at

Referral Service

Do you need a good plumber or other type of contractor or service professional? Chances are Robert Dixon knows one and he will give you a recommendation at no charge.  If you need a little more of Robert’s assistance in this—for example,  if you need him to meet the plumber or other professional and wait until the work is finished—there is a nominal fee you can discuss with Robert ahead of time.

Robert Dixon has been building relationships in Brevard County since 1979. He has a solid reputation in the community as a “networking machine.” This means he knows people and people know him. He relies on this network of professionals to be fair, reliable, and trustworthy. He has hundreds of people in his extensive list of connections.

If you have a specific need, contact Robert at dixon(at)sentinelcare(dot)org or 321-725-6799 to discuss it with him. He most likely knows just the person for you.

Here are a few of the professionals in Robert’s vast network:
•    Plumbers
•    Lawn care
•    Electricians
•    Pet walkers, sitters
•    Transportation services
•    Registered nurses
•    Painters